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We suggest that all the information provided to us is detailed, genuine and accurate. This will help us review your application thoroughly and provide you with the feedback.

Time taken in a consultation is time away from clients who have paid for work. We have found that clients who pay for a consultation value our time and are serious about their immigration dream. If you choose to retain us within the next 5 business days after the initial consultation, we will provide you with a credit for the same amount paid and apply it to the balance of your total retainer agreement fees.

The initial consultation are done primarily via teleconference or video call via Zoom, WhatsApp and/or BOTIM. In-Person appointments are available at our Mississauga Office Location.

At the end of the consultation, you will know what steps you need to take!


Upon the scheduled date and time, we would offer a One-on-One private and professional consultation for individuals who wish to explore their best immigration options. Initial consultations helps in:

  • Analyzing your case and evaluating your profile
  • Assessing your eligibility based on your personal goals
  • Discuss any obstacles that may hinder your application and determine the best solution to overcome them
  • Determine the best solution if you have applied either on your own or with another representative
  • Provide information on any additional legal questions related to your immigration matters

We will ALWAYS treat you fairly and provide you with an honest opinion on your case. We only retain clients that we believe have a good chance of approval. Please note that immigration decisions are always up to the immigration officers’ discretion.

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